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Since February, Liberia and its neighboring countries have been in the grips of the farthest reaching and most deadly Ebola epidemic in history.  Liberia has borne the heaviest burden of the disease with more than 1200 deaths (over half of the total fatalities) and over 2000 cases (nearly half of the total confirmed cases).  Recently, the WHO has announced that cases are increasing exponentially and that the demands of the Ebola outbreak have completely outstripped the government’s and its partners’ capacity to respond.

Here at AIM, we believe that Africans and friends of Africa can help to fill that gap and reverse the trend of this worsening epidemic. Our efforts consist of a 3-pronged response to the ongoing Ebola epidemic that includes the sourcing and shipment of consignments of medical supplies, coordination with partnering and parallel organizations conducting Ebola responses and an information campaign to increase public awareness of and response to the epidemic.

IN-KIND donations to AIMs Ebola response project will be shipped to Liberia and received by our operational partners on the ground, including the Rotary Club of Monrovia, for direct distribution to the government’s Ebola Treatment Units and Isolation Centers according to established relationships and ongoing needs. Since the outbreak began in early 2014, Rotary has been raising awareness and funding for the national Ebola response and have already donated and distributed several consignments of goods to the Ebola treatment centers, isolation centers and local communities. These donations have helped care for patients, protect health workers and stem the spread of the virus within the general population. All donated medical supplies and personal protective equipment are chosen based on the stated current needs and short/medium term projections of the partnering institutions and the Government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Health’s Situation Reports. Recent AIM consignments have gone to support the Ebola Isolation Unit at Redemption Hospital, the public hospital in New Kru Town, the epicenter of Liberia’s Ebola epidemic.

CASH donations will be used secure future consignments of medical supplies, to consolidate donated goods at central points within the United States and to help off-set the cost of shipping to Liberia. As much as possible, AIM hopes to combine shipments with other organizations in order to minimize the freight forwarding costs to each partner.

How exactly does it work?

Cash donations to AIM -> AIM sources medical supplies and identifies shippers -> shippers pick up goods and send them to Liberia.

How much of my money goes to the cause?

100% – AIM is a completely volunteer organization, all of the donations we receive for Ebola relief will go directly towards our response project.

HELP today! We at AIM, along with our friends and partners, are dedicated to improving the state of health care in Africa. During this deadly epidemic, it has become increasingly and emergently clear to us that we cannot look to the left or to the right for our help, we are who we have been waiting for and we are the ones that must take our fate into our own hands. Our families, communities and nations have nurtured and trained us for a time such as this when we can have a positive impact in the lives of our people.

JOIN our team! If you are interested in joining AIM or collaborating on Ebola response, please send us an email at info@africansinmedicine.org.

COLLABORATE with others! Several organizations are participating in their own Ebola response projects. Listed below are a few other organizations through which you can help. We are working on a DIRECTORY OF EBOLA RESPONSE EFFORTS being mounted outside of the sub-region. PLEASE email info@africansinmedicine.org to have your Ebola response included in a listing to be posted on this website and updated weekly. 

The African Union Response

HEARTT Foundation

Liberians Against Ebola

SIM Liberia

Samaritan’s Purse


LEARN more! To learn more about the Ebola epidemic and ways to volunteer (as a medical professional or otherwise), please see below.

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